Alana Kramarchuk

Alana Kramarchuk

Organic Farmer, Earth Valley Organics Ltd.

Alana Kramarchuk is a first generation Canadian crop farmer who has come from a long line of European farmers. She graduated from the University of Toronto with a B.Sc and then went on to attain a M.Sc. in Education. She now combines her passion for teaching with a passion for farming. With two children by her side, along with a dog, cat, some horses, and a couple of pet ducks, Alana can be found educating others on forming new relationships with their food, and on ways of living that are good for both people, animals and the environment. She is passionate in supporting regenerative organic agriculture, which is labour intensive and does not rely on genetically engineered foods, chemicals, artificial fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides.

Alana is a believer in pure, old fashioned food, made by Nature. Her 130 acre farm is certified organic by Ecocert Canada and she practises organic, biodynamic and ecologically sound growing methods. Being certified organic represents traceability and transparency. She uses a variety of sustainable farming techniques including crop rotation, natural pest predators, cover crops, composting, seed saving, and interplanting. Her main commercial crops are heirloom garlic, spelt, and custom growing medicinal plants for St. Francis Herb Farm; her orchard is home to many fruit and nut trees, and the large vegetable garden feeds many family and friends!

Alana has committed her life to being an advocate for real food, living consciously, and the power of women in agriculture. She is a fierce protector of the environment and is passionate in upholding and preserving the Earth’s biodiversity. She advocates that all food should have proper labels, particularly with respect to genetically engineered ingredients. Her message of real food and hope for the future echo throughout her farmland and with all those she meets. She believes that the power to create change rests with the collective wisdom of the community. Alana has a deep love of Nature and all Beings, and a profound connection and appreciation of this beautiful Earth. She is a steward of the land.

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