Jodi Koberinski – MC

Jodi Koberinski – MC

Festival of Dangerous Ideas, Beyond Pesticides Canada

As 2015 Oak Fellow for Human Rights, founder of Canada’s Beyond Pesticides campaign, managing director of the Festival of Dangerous Ideas, signatory/ambassador for Dr. Vandana Shiva’s declaration of seed freedom campaign, and former Exec. Director of the Organic Council of Ontario (2009-2013),
Jodi Koberinski is an advocate focused on climate and food justice.
Jodi has served on numerous working groups and boards including the Certified Organic Associations of BC, Small Scale Food Processors Association, Food Secure Canada and Sustain Ontario. Committed to sustaining food systems and building civic engagement, Jodi is currently investigating the impacts of Canada’s industrial agriculture policies on human rights and climate change in Canada and India.


The March Against Monsanto arrives at Christie Pits Park.  MC Jodi Koberinski welcomes everyone to the festival.