This year’s March Against Monsanto Toronto, hosted by Toronto Non-GMO Coalition member Millions Against Monsanto Toronto, will be a milestone for the non-GMO movement as we take to the streets for the 5th time for the annual spring march.

Monsanto impacts our lives in many ways, from food and medicine to their role in the production of dangerous chemicals used in war conflicts. Through this march, MAMT hopes to educate and increase public awareness about the harm this unethical corporation inflicts on the ENVIRONMENT and human HEALTH. 

This year, MAMT is asking marchers to create signs with YOUR REASON FOR MARCHING on it.  Visit the March Against Monsanto Toronto Facebook event page for more info. 

The march route is mapped out below. Participants will gather on May 20th in Dundas Square at 11 a.m. There will be a few speakers at 11:30 a.m., and then at 12 p.m. sharp, the march will proceed north on Yonge Street to Bloor Street, and west on Bloor to Christie Pits Park where marchers will join the CELEBRATE FARM TO FORK festival!