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Thank you for your interest in vending at our festival!  

CELEBRATE FARM TO FORK is a unique, family-friendly festival, providing an incredible opportunity for Ontario’s non-GMO and organic farmers, producers, distributors and retailers to:

  • Connect your non-GMO or organic brand/product with thousands of engaged consumers

  • Raise awareness about the environmental and health risks associated with pesticides and genetically modified food

  • Educate consumers with facts about industrial agriculture’s impact on our environment, and the importance of choosing organic and non-GMO

  • Empower people to vote with their dollar when they shop for groceries

  • Celebrate the abundance of safe food options available in the GTA

  • Promote and boost our local, farm-to-fork economy

  • Honour the conscientious farmers and businesses who work so hard to serve us!


Our CELEBRATE FARM TO FORK festivals attract all sorts of curious, conscientious and concerned citizens, from environmental defenders & food sovereignty advocates to just about anyone interested in eating delicious, nutritious festival food in a beautiful city park!!

Vendor Pricing is extremely reasonable and based on the honour system. 100% of your vendor fee helps to cover costs of producing the festival, allowing us to continue our important educational and advocacy work.  And because we are the ONLY festival in Toronto offering exclusively non-GMO and organic fare, you don’t want to miss out on this unique opportunity!

Thank you for your consideration!

2017 Vendor Pricing:


$375 – Business w/ annual sales of $100k +


$250 – Business w/ annual sales of $50k to $100k


$175 – Business w/ annual sales of $10k to $50k


$100 – Business w/ annual sales of $1k to $10k


$  50 –  Farmers/Beekeepers/Non-profit orgs

$  25 –  Individual  



**Please Read Vendor Conditions BEFORE Submitting a Vendor Application.**




  • Tabling applications are subject to a jury process to ensure that all participants support the vision of the Toronto Non-GMO Coalition.


  • All food and beverages being sampled or sold MUST be organic or free of GMOs, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics and synthetic fertilizers.  Proof may be required.


  • Vendors may sell prepared foods or sample and sell packaged goods.


  • Vendors must be knowledgeable about the product being sold and are encouraged to discuss how their food is grown/produced, answer questions and educate the customer on how the product relates to FARM TO FORK.


  • Prepared food vendors are asked to use as many local and market-sourced ingredients in their products as possible and to highlight their direct farm connections.


  • Vendors are asked to use minimal packaging and environmentally responsible plates, cups, napkins, and utensils.

  • Hand-washing stations and food-handler certificates are mandatory for vendors serving prepared foods and beverages.


  • Vendors are requested to sell prepared food and beverage at wholesale or special festival price.


  • All vendors, except non-profits, will be responsible for having the appropriate Ontario sales tax number and for collecting the appropriate HST.

  • Vendors may provide their own booth/tent set-up or rent from the Coalition.  All tents must be safely secured; staking is not permitted.


  • Craft/misc item vendors MUST have a connection to non-GMO/organic lifestyle or FARM TO FORK mission


Farmers’ Market-Specific Vendor Conditions


  • All produce must be free of GMOs, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics and synthetic fertilizers.  Proof may be required.


  • All produce must be grown locally and no more than 30% of a vendor’s produce can come from other than their own farm (or land directly under their management)

  • We are currently awaiting a Special Occasion Permit and will have a wine/beer garden in the park.





  1. Food Vendor Application Deadline – MIDNIGHT, SUNDAY MAY 7  (non-food vendors have until Tuesday, May 9th)

  2. Toronto Public Health/Temp Vendor Form Deadline – MIDNIGHT, SUNDAY, MAY 7 


    Email completed form to: [email protected]

  3. Payment Due Date: Upon confirmation of participation (Vendors will receive confirmation of participation and an invoice within 2 business days of application submission.)


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Is the event rain or shine?

 Yes, the event is rain or shine. This is one of the reasons that vendor tents are mandatory.


Who attends FARM TO FORK festivals?

 Ours is a unique festival bringing farmers, producers, distributors, and retailers together with conscientious, concerned citizens, organic foodies, environmental defenders, food justice and food sovereignty advocates, seed freedom warriors, farmers’ market lovers, health and fitness junkies, and just about anyone interested in eating delicious, nutritious festival food in a beautiful city park!


It is our goal to attract as many people as possible who are just learning about GMOs and are curious to understand more about genetically engineered food, and why it is important to choose organic for their health and the environment.  


How much does it cost to be a vendor?

Vendor pricing is extremely reasonable for the festival and based on the honor system.
Please see


What do Vendors/Raffle Donors receive?

  • Company logo w/ website click-thru on nonGMO.to website

  • Pre- during and post-festival social media promotion, reaching thousands of people

  • Your booth and products photographed on the day of the event; photos made available for your own promotional efforts


  • Opportunity to educate, showcase and sell product to thousands of hungry guests who appreciate the value of organic, non-GMO, safe and healthy food!


  • Guaranteed new customers, and


  • HUGE good karma points for supporting the Toronto Non-GMO Coalition, helping to educate the public and boosting the Ontario organic farm to fork economy!


Can I share a booth and fees with another vendor?

No sorry, only one vendor to each booth.


Can I set up my booth a day earlier?

No, vendors may set up their booths on the morning of the festival, Saturday, May 20th between 9 a.m. and 11:30 a.m.

I’m a non-profit and/or community group. Is there a discounted fee?

 Yes, please see Vendor Pricing above.

Can vendors choose where they are located?

Vendors are not able to choose their festival location, but can put in a request to be set up near another vendor. Sponsors will receive prime location and spaces will be organized to ensure an appropriate product mix, customer experience and in consideration with the needs of vendors’ products.

Is Parking available for vendors?


No, only street parking is available around Christie Pits park. However, you will be able to stop to unload.  Bee sure to bring hand trucks/dollies to transport your belongings, as there is no driving on the park grass.  Volunteers will be on hand to assist you.


Can I reserve a space larger than 10’ x 10’?

Yes, prepared food vendors may require addl space. Please indicate as such on your vendor application.


Will there be a Special Occasion Permit for the selling of beer and wine?

TBD.  We are investigating logistics and costs involved with having a beer & wine garden in a city park.